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    Unanswered: DoCmd.OpenQuery with Parameters?

    I have a form, ClientLookupFrm which has combo box ClientLookupCmb on it. I would like to select a value on the client lookup combo box and have it run the ClientItemQry with parameters. The parameter is that the bound column on the combo box goes to one of the values on the query, ClientAutoID. I have updated the afterupdate value to read:

    Private Sub ClientLookupCmb_AfterUpdate()

    DoCmd.OpenQuery ("ClientItemQry", , ,)
    WHERE "ClientAutoID = " & Me.ClientLookupCmb

    End Sub

    But this is not working. I clearly don't know VBA and am just fumbling through here, so please help! I have put the criteria
    on the query (which runs well if I put the actual value in as a criteria instead of the code).

    Thank you!

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    Assuming that your query is correctly requesting a parameter, you can do the following code in the AfterUpdate event (if you're using DAO):
        With CurrentDb.QueryDefs("ClientItemQry")
            .Parameters("ParameterTextHere") = Me.ClientLookupCmb.Value
        End With

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    thanks so much!

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