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    Unanswered: First Post - looking for help

    Hello everyone! this is my first post. I am trying to come up with the following scenario :

    I need to create a macro, insert query or module that can create the following.

    table 1 - I create a record and want to click button to create 8 duplicate records on table 2. a standard duplicate button does not work cause the primary key has been set as an auto count (ID) feild so it cannot create a dup.

    hope this makes sence. any suggestions?

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    why would you want to create 8 duplicate records, albeit in table 2?

    what you coudl do is insert some new records to the table two using a record set, palced in the after insert event

    dim MyRS as recordset
    'open the recordset (forget the code to do that, buts its available on line)
    dim iLoop as byte
    for iLoop = 1 to 8
    with myRS
    !bcolumn="Blah di Blah"
    end with
    next iloop
    close RS
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