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    Unanswered: Error in db2start

    Hi Colleagues,

    I have a Virtual Machine with Linux and DB2 9.7, when I execute this command db2start as user db2inst1 it appears the followind error:

    DB2START processing failed; a valid product license was not found. If you have licensed this product, ensure the license key is properly registered. You can register the license via the License Center or db2licm command line utility. The license key can be obtained from your licensed product CD.
    SQL1032N No start database manager command was issued. SQLSTATE=57019

    There are files for repair this error or others solutions:

    Thank you for you help.

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    Most likely, the DB2 license is of a "try-and-buy" variety and has expired. Install a valid license using db2licm or set up a properly licensed copy of DB2 (e.g. DB2 Express-C).

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