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    Unanswered: Reports - making complex graphs

    Hi, I'm working on a benchmarking project, that has the need to generate individual reports for clients, showing their performance aganist all the other clients(but with the other clients ananomous). I can manually make some good looking graphs in Excel 2007 (but doing this indivudually for 170 clients is not on), but can't seem to get even close in Access 2007.
    Is there an add on pack I am missing in Access to get the same graphing as in ecxel, or does access mainly produce table data for its reports.

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    from what i remember Access shares the same graphing/charting engine as Excel. you may not be able to get exactly the same look chart but it should be possible to get very very close.

    you can embed charts in Access forms and reports (or at least you could upto A2003/XP and I can't see any reason why microsoft would have ditched that in later versions.

    look for the chart icon in the report designer (you may need to scroll through the 'more controls' option to find the Microsoft Office Chart option)
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