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    Unanswered: How do I save "Attachment" objects automatically

    Hi, I have a need to output a list of about 22000 entries, each one with a JPG attachment, into a directory (i.e. save every attachment of every entry back into a file)

    However, there doesn't seem to be any immediate ways to do this other than clicking on each entry, then clicking on its attachment, and then clicking "save as".

    It would seem sensible that there must be an code specific way to do it, seeing as that functionality is already coded in the attachment "Save As" button. Is there anyway to invoke that function automatically?

    Thank you

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    I assume you are working with Access 2007/2010 and the new attachment feature.

    I recommend reading this:

    Microsoft® Access 2007 Working with the Attachment DataType

    Also please read: A message to forum cross posters
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    Admittingly I've cross-posted (How to save "Attachment" objects automatically - Access World Forums) .

    Thank you very much for the answer

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