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    Red face Unanswered: Sql script works in SQL Developer not SQLPlus under UNIX

    I have written a sql program under the SQL Developer tool. The script runs fine. However, I need to run it under UNIX, SQL Plus. When I attempt to execute it from SQL Plus (@programname.sql) it echos the last line number previous to the ending 'Exception' code and goes out into never, never land.

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    It can be a REAL challenge to debug code that can not be seen.

    It would have been VERY helpful if you had shared actual problem code with us.

    Try this shot in the dark solution
    add a new line to the end of your code where is contains a single slash character "/"
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    Add a semicolon ( ; ) at the end of each sql statement or a slash (/) after the statement and try again...

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    Thanks for the suggestion! Putting the '/' works. I guess it is not necessary in SQL Developer, it will run without it but SQL Plus wants it. I will remember that!! Thanks again

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