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    Unanswered: SQl Server Reporting Services Aggragrate Function

    Can anybody help me with sql server reporting services

    I am using the following expression in one field to print aero if IA and SET ADJ are there.

    =IIF(Fields!Transaction_Code.Value="IA",0,IIF(Fiel ds!Transaction_Code.Value="SET ADJ",0,Fields!Charges.Value))

    But when I apply sum on this Field, it adds even those values which I have printed zero corresponding to IA and SET ADJ

    For eg:

    Charges Transaction Code Charges(Value I print using IFF condition)

    35 IA 0

    45 PIP 45

    45 PIP 45

    And the total which the sum expression is giving me is 35+45+45 = 125
    but I want it to print only 0+45+45 = 90

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    You're summing the wrong column! You want to summarise the expression column.

    Take your formula and make it a new calculated field in your dataset, then refer to this field for your totals.
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