Hi All,

I've recently learned how to send data collection emails from access, which his awesome. Maybe someone can help me automate by means of a command button or macro (I'd need some help with coding) to achieve this.

Ok here goes -

I have a record for Jane Doe in my database, and I need information as to why she is no longer working for xyz company. Well, her name, SSN, and my contact email (the person will provide additional details) has already been entered into my database through a form. Well, all I need from the contact via email is her reason for separation, and I want to procure this by sending an email to that person and have them fill in the "separation" field and send it back to upload into the data base.

Well, I'd like the email to automatically plug in the Name, SSN but have an empty box for the contact to fill in separation reason.

Is there a way I can have via button or macro this data collection email created and emailed to the contact just by clicking a button on the corresponding record.

I appreciate all help!