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    Unanswered: How to remove Adabas (originally "Posts")

    What happened to all the posts in this part of the forum?

    When I click on ADABAS I can't see anything except "Product Information"

    If anyone can read this post can you explain how to get rid of ADABAS D from my system?

    I installed it and nowhere can I find a default password to let me run the thing. The normal uninstall process doesn't work. It seems some process must be running in the background but I can't find it.

    what a pile of crap!

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    What kind of system? How are you trying to remove Adabas? What happens when you try to remove it (blue smoke comes out the back) ???

    As least with the versions that I've used there isn't any default password, Adabas installls without any password at all.

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