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    Question Unanswered: Need Help Database Table / Function

    I am trying to create a database for my business, I think i have created nearly every table and information i need with the exception of one very imporant feature which is the abilty to set Reminders at given intervals

    I am a plumber and require gas appliances to be able to be serviced once a year, landlord certificates to be carried out once a year, oil appliances to be serviced once evey 6 months and some water softener products every 3 months and varying other interval(s)

    You can see my current table design here minus any reminder stuff as i am not sure how to intergrate it,

    What i need to do, is the following

    Store Reminders preferably once i add a job to the job table i can push a button that will generate the reminder for the interval as selected?

    Date for reminder, For Appliance and Or For Job (I.e a Lanldord Certificate) at an interval and then i will genrate a query/report that will generate a postcard and a calling list

    Can anyone assist me with how to lay this data out as being my first databse i am not sure what to do currently to get this part to work

    Thanks in advance

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    Here is a solutions. In a table (e.g. Tbl_Appliances):
    - Add a column (Date/Time): LastServiced, Default value: Date().
    - Add a column (Integer): Periodicity (this will be the periodicity of service in months).
    - In a query, use a Date/Time comparison function such as:
    SELECT Tbl_Appliances.*
    FROM Tbl_Appliances
    WHERE DateDiff("m",Tbl_Appliances.LastServiced, Date()) >= Tbl_Appliances.Periodicity
    If you prefer to compute the periodicity in weeks, it becomes:
    SELECT Tbl_Appliances.*
    FROM Tbl_Appliances
    WHERE DateDiff("ww",Tbl_Appliances.LastServiced, Date()) >= Tbl_Appliances.Periodicity
    Have a nice day!

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