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    Unanswered: How to solve MySQL timeout issue?

    Please tell me, How to solve MySQL timeout issue?

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    where are you gettign the timeout?
    is it on the server or application
    timeouts may be because the server is overloaded, so you may need to analyse the server, server log and try to work out if that overloading is down to poor query design or just simply the box can't handle the volume and type of traffic.. if its a hardware issue, then as a firsts step chuck more memory at the server, and or at the MySQL process

    it could be a network issue, ie the network infrastructure isn't capable of supporting the application. it could aslo mean that you are pumping too much data up and down the line, it could be that refining your queries to extract only what you require would be the way forward

    however it maywell be a softweare issue in as much as you have rogue SQL which is consuming mnore of the server's resiurces than it should, so analyse your queries
    seek to find which queries are the hogs and then work on thoise to see if you can refine the SQL

    Im not a MySQL DBA (or any kind of DBA for that matter) so I don't know where you would start
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