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    Unanswered: Consideration while architecture design using PosrGreSQL

    hello ,
    I am new to postGresSql. I have worked in MS SQL2005.
    I have been put in to new project which is at design/planning level.
    I have a task to desing & configure the PostGre Server & its objects (tables, data types).

    I have installed the server & AdAdmin3.
    My question is from wher do I start ? I mean
    1. what basic consideration are there for for server, tables, access rights , schema.
    2. security policy?
    3. Coding standards
    and many more things that should be looked & configured while architecture design of Server/ Databse?


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    The two biggest problems folks coming from SQL Server face are pronouncing it correctly and quoting/camel casing object names.

    It is either Postgres or PostgreSQL (post gress que ell), never PostGre. And the default configuration is for a development box. When you set up your production server you'll have to configure it to use more resources.

    Other than that, the manual is great. They really try to adhere to the SQL standard so it is not hard to pick up.

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