I've developed a Windows Mobile app that uses Merge Replication to sync data from my SQLServer 2005 database to a SQLServerCE database on a Windows Mobile 6.x Pocket PC. It was developed as a smart client using VS 2005/2008 / Compact Framework / Smart Device Project Everything works great.

I've delivered to my client and now trying to migrate this to a commercial hosting service and having trouble finding a hosting company that allows me the rights to create the publication. My client has also shopped around and said others want hundreds of dollars a month to host plus a fee per client license.

The database is not huge but I expect there to be 30-100 clients up and running in the next year. Each handheld shares some common tables but others employ filters (e.g. data partition / partial replica).

My questions are...

Any major hosts out there support this? I thought this was pure Microsoft Recommended solution.

From a licensing viewpoint, what should this cost (ballpark) per database, per client etc... I'm currently using a MAP subscription and hosting on my development machine. Obviously want to make sure client is legal once development is completed.

Any direction / advise would be much appreciated.