Hello Guys,

How is everyone? Hope all is well, I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me on a university assignment. I need to draw an ERD from the question below.
I have already had a try I haven't put the relationships on yet but I just want to know if I have the entities, attributes and the disjoint right before I continue, if anyone could offer and advice I shall send over the gf to do a dance!


English Gardens require a design for a database to keep records of their plant centres, the plants stocked at each plant centre and their customers. A plant may be an inside plant or an outside plant. An outside plant is either a shrub, perennial or annual. A plant may be at several plant centres and the quantity in stock is recorded. Details of the customers are recorded including their orders. An order contains all the plants ordered, the customer details, and the plant centre in which the order was taken.

Draw a high-level ER model, using inheritance, for this narrative.

Here is my attempt so far:

2shared - download ER Diagram.pdf