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    Unanswered: Need to alter my code to allow for integer values

    Hello, I have the following code which checks wether a field value in a combo box is being used in another table. If the value is being used, a message informs the user that the value is in use and it cannot be deleted.

    The code checks for string values.

    I need it however to check for number (integer) values.

    I cannot get it to work with integer values, is it the bracketing? What do I need to alter?
    Dim delRS As Recordset, strSQL As Integer
    strSQL = "select tblVisits.centreID FROM tblVisits WHERE (((tblVisits.centreID)='" & [Forms]![visits_frm]![Combo160] & "'));"
    Set delRS = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset(strSQL)
    If delRS.RecordCount > 0 Then
    MsgBox "You cannont delete this location at this time because it is related to another resource on the database."
    Exit Sub
    End If

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    Is it always an integer type?
    If so just get rid of the single quotes around the text box name

    (((tblVisits.centreID)=" & [Forms]![visits_frm]![Combo160] & "));"
    Personally, I would also explicitly cast the value as an integer using the CInt(tblVisits.centreID) function

    If it can be either or (not sure why it would be) then you'll need to use a IsNumeric check before running that line.

    Sam, hth
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    Thankyou for replying, all is sorted

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    explicitly cast the vlaue to the desitred dataype


    myintegervalue = cint(forms!myform!mycontrol)
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