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    Unanswered: Add commas, remove decimal places in results in Pivot Table query

    I am trying to remove all decimal places (or round up) and put in thousands commas in the results in my pivot table query. The only place I can see to modify the results, the property sheet for each section in the PT query, only has "standard" and "general" as selections to deal with numbers. Neither one will give these results.

    How can this be done?

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    Are you talking about in the query itself that is used as the source for the Pivot Table or in the Pivot Table itself?

    If you are in the query I suppose that you could try just using the Format function. Something like Format(myField, "0,000")


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    strictly speaking formatting shouldbe part of the presentation layer.. ie the report / form where you are using this data

    however one thing to be wary of is that bean counters can get very very upset ifthe sum of the values displayed in a column or row isn't the same total of that row or colum. so if you have the misfortuen to be writing a report for such pondlife its makes sense to ensure your data is rounded before display AND make certain the total dis0layed is actually the total of values displayed whcih won't be true if you round up/down on the form/report.

    in an ideal world I'd suggest you put somethign like CINT(myvalue/1000) or = myvalue\1000
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