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    Unanswered: How to restor in Ms-Server?

    I have a database on Oracle .Now I want to work on MS-Server 2008 .I want oracle database restore to ms-server database ,but how to?Give me some syntax ? Thanks for the help.

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    Neither product (Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server) will restore a backup made by the other. With the exception of MySQL (which takes the approach of storing backups as executable SQL statements) I don't know of any database that makes a backup that can be restored by a different database engine/product.

    You can use SSMA 2008 for Oracle V4.0 or SQL Server's SSIS to help you convert your Oracle database to SQL Server

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    Depending on the size and complexity of the database objects ,you could attempt to migrate via some customised mapping.
    There is also a tool - offered by MS - which assists in migrating called SSMA

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