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    Unanswered: Filter Servoy Client Access to MySQL

    Hi, I have taken on a project for a non-profit and am looking to Servoy + MySQL as an alternative to Filemaker Pro Server Advanced. We are basically consolidating several databases with duplicate data into one central database/s. One of the things we are looking to do is filter client access to different information which can be either certain information within a database if one huge database is used, or filter client access to particular databases if several are used. How would I go about accomplishing this in Servoy Server? I am aware that there are filter parameters that can be set, but I don't know the syntax, but I would assume it would be placed in Keep in mind I am very new to this software and databases in general. I am fortunate enough to have no deadline so I can learn as I go. Any and all help will be appreciated. - Ryan

    Servoy version 5.2.0 -build 997
    Ubuntu x64 2.6.32-24
    MySQL 5.1

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    tbh if you have the time and the skills, and the data is for one organisation then I'd suggest you place all the data in one single db.
    that is going to involve much more work in identifying duplicates
    identifying within those duplicates what is the 'right' row and so on.

    however in the medium to long term its the right thing to do and will generate benefits over time.
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