Database Change & Release Management Tool

Hi, I have been putting together a Database Change & Release Management tool (Release-eZ) over the past year and was wondering if anyone might require a tool like that for trial and feedback?

Basically, it is a web based application that enables you to put in your SQL statements, schedule a deployment time, and also put the Database Change Request through a Change Management Cycle (such as Pre & Post Review). When everyone has approved the change, then at the scheduled time, the SQL statements are executed in the targeted environment.

Most corporations would have a Change Management process and this tool hooks into most databases as long as it has a JDBC driver available.

Since this is a forum for DB users, I was wondering if there might be anyone interested in a trial of my application.

My early adopter's program is $1000 USD for access to 3 databases, but for anyone interested in reviewing my tool and just providing feedback for me, I am happy to give a version for free or set up a sandbox environment for you.

Also if you belong to a corporation that is philanthropic in nature, (eg open-source, charity) then I am most happy to provide a free version of my tool!

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