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    is it possible to have a simple button in your form, then once you click it, it will open a new word file and will have a picture in it? i tried using the code below.. but the value that is showing to the word file is not a picture but a lot of characters.. any help?

    here's the code i used:

    Dim stAppName As String ' this is the path for the program
    Dim strFile As String 'this is the path for the file

    stAppName = "MSWordPath"
    strFile = Chr(34) & "PicturePath" & Chr(34)

    Call Shell(stAppName & " " & strFile, vbMaximizedFocus)
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    this souinds like a variation on you other question

    is it a new question or are you moving the goalposts

    incidentally, everyone 'knows' their question is vitally important and must be answered immediately, but I think you need to learn some patience. this forum doesn't have people sitting around waiting for your questions, people come and go, not everyone on the forum is an expert in every field (or even an expert in any field). y'need to give it at least 24 hours before stating to bump questions.
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