Hello all I have a question related to a design problem I have

(not sure how important this is to the question but I use Jdeveloper 11g for database development and also application development, using adf web fusion)

I have a table called Stores that represents physical stores. This table is connected to another table called Technical Equipment in a 1 (Tech Eq. Stored) to many (Stores) relationship.

These stores however can contain different Casino Gaming Machines, which have different designers and need to be a different table. So one type of a gaming machine can be in many stores and a store can have many gaming machines of the same type. I dealt with this initially by creating an intersecting table with their primary keys.

Sadly these stores can also contain computer terminals that are used for sport betting, or dog racing activities. These can also be from different manufacturers and so I decided to put them in a different table. Again the same applied as to the gaming machine so another many to many with the Tech Eq. table so again I did the intersecting table.

Unfortunately the Tech.Eq table also has ANOTHER many to many relationship. This time with the type of internet connection used. Different stores have different connections but a store can have more than one type of an internet connection (broadband and dial up). Also again with different providers I created a third table called Internet connections and again used an intersecting table to settle it.

Problem is that now the Tech Eq table is used in 3 intersection tables and it seems a very crude solution.

Keep in mind that the Type_of_Gaming_Machine and Type_Of_Internet_Terminal tables have just 2 attributes, the id which is an auto sequencing number and the name.

So now I am looking to you to help me find a better solution. If you too think this is the best way to do it could you suggest a way to implement it into a form because I have no idea how to create CRUD capable forms for all these tables. I know I am supposed to use Many to many shuffle but not sure how since I have so many intersection tables all related to the same table.

Any help you guys can offer would be appreciated

(I use differing but similar names for tables, but the key thing is there are 5 tables: Stores, Tech_Eq_In_Stores, Type_Of_Gaming_Machine, Type_Of_Terminal, and Type_Of_Internet_Connection)