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    Unanswered: How to autenticate DB2 using two LDAP servers?

    using DB2 v9.5 fixpack 2a on Linux I am interested in more info about two LDAP servers authentication.
    In INSTANCE/sqllib/cfg/IBMLDAPSecurity.ini there is a parameter LDAP_HOST where should be put the name or IP address of LDAP server. But what happens if I have two LDAP servers. According to info it should be put in the same parameter value and separate by space.

    In our case there are two LDAP servers where users are stored.

    1. What happens if user is not stored in the first LDAP server? Does DB2 check the user in second LDAP? Or the second LDAP is only intended in case if first LDAP server fails?
    2. How to configure parameter values in this IBMLDAPSecurity.ini file if tree structure in LDAP in this two LDAP servers are not the same? For example first LDAP server uses: dc=mycompany,dc=com and the second has completely, different structure like ou=users,cn=entries

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    I think the ability to specify two LDAP servers is there for failover, not for alternative authentication. Probably your best bet would be to configure one of the LDAP servers as a proxy to another.

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