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    Unanswered: db2 instance stop with disk space full error in diag

    We are using Db2 v9.1 on AIX 5.3
    DB2 instance stop automatically logging no data in db2diag.log file on what time it actually stopped. What I can see is "DISK SPACE WAS FULL"; so I am assuming that this might have forced the instance to stop.
    Now, When backup activity starts at around 2, it fails because the instance is stopped. I come to know about this next morning and then I manually start the instance and perform backup activity all again.
    Now my doubt is, why it allowed me to start the instance and take successfull backups when diag file before said there was no enough space?

    (userexit is enabled)

    Attached is the log file with only valuable information extracted which I think will be useful for analysing the problem.

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    first, there's no Attachment.
    Usually an instance does not crash in a "Disk Full". You could also start the Instance and run the backups for the Databases. Where does the disk full occur? In a DMS-Tablespace. The Instance-Owner home-Dir?


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