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    Unanswered: postgres concepts

    hi all.
    I am using PostgreSql 8.4.
    In Postgres first you connect to the postgres. and enter into the database.
    Select anyone database say 'Postgres' the default database. When you click on the 'Postgres' in the right hand side there is property panel of the database. In the property you see (name,oid,owner,acl.... etc). I want to know about the properties.

    Please someone help me regarding this.


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    You are discussing pgAdmin?

    Here is the place to start...

    Many of the properties are self explanatory. OID isn't, though. It stands for Object IDentifier, which is an integer based field used by postgreSQL for internal record tracking in system tables. Although it is possible to use OIDs in user defined tables, it is not recommended. There are a limited number of unique OIDs available, (2^32-1) and it is recommended that you explicitly define a primary key field instead.
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