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Thread: DB2 Vs Oracle

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    Unanswered: DB2 Vs Oracle

    Hello Experts,

    I have a knowledge and work experience in DB2 and Oracle. I want to know which RDBMS would be better in career perspective.

    Right now I have a choice to select one of them as my Primary Skill and I am so confused in choosing between them; because this would be my last chance and I could not turn back in future.

    Could you please tell me which would be preferable in selecting as a career?

    Myself has figured out some points which i would like to tell.

    - Technically DB2 is behind the Oracle. Db2 is still developing the features which Oracle has already implemented and acquired market based on it (ex. RAC etc.).
    - Everybody knows Oracle, so more people are into Oracle. Less people are in DB2.
    - Though; Oracle openings are much more than DB2.
    - Pay scale of DB2 resource is more. (But Not so sure about this.. )

    Please let me your views on this.

    Thank You!
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