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    Unanswered: The dreaded Runtime macro error message

    Hello All

    After the euphoria of using the Access 2007 Runtime program and being delighted by its simplicity to deploy, I was brought back down to earth when loading the runtime program on a computer without any Office product, as is the case of most schools in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

    Before converting to runtime, I had enabled all Macros in the trust centre. You are informed that this is not recommended, but how can they be a security risk when the macros were created by Access itself? This has always been a mystery to me. Why cannot Access recognise a macro created by Access?

    To get to the point, does anybody out there know how to eliminate the dreaded security message when loading the runtime version of Access? I know the user only has to click on OK to proceed, but I see it as a sign of failure on my part when I ask non-computer literate users to try and understand my inability to eliminate this irksome problem.

    I have spent most of the day seeking an answer to this problem online, but as yet no success. It is so well recognised, I'm very surprised that a solution has not been found yet.

    19 August 2010

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    I wrote this article:

    Trust Center in Access 2007 and 2010 Trusted Locations

    It has a link to a free app called AddPath that may be very useful.

    Hope it helps ...
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