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    Best Route to Becoming a DBA

    Hi. I am a newbie to the Forum and I would like some advice about becoming a DBA. Here are my credentials:

    -Worked on minor programming projects (Java) in college to satisfy computer science and IT course work
    -Graduated with BA in BIS
    -Worked/Promoted from a support role to analyst position, which required a limited amount of PL/SQL usage (Pervasive DB)
    -Currently working as a Development Support Analyst and I have the ability to work with SQL Server on a daily bases and preparing to write stored procs and triggers in the near future

    As you can see I have limited experience but I have the opportunity to work in a DBA like environment, which will give me exposure to my goal of becoming a DBA.

    My question to you is what route is necessary to become a DBA. I am willing to go back to school and get a Masters but I want to select the right school (in GA) and not waste money. I am beginning to join forums such as this (this is my first forum actually) to gain more exposure to the industry. I am going to beginning working on my SQL knowledge a regular bases (attempting to teach myself), but I want to purchase the best books that are a available.

    Please help.

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    There isn't one road to becomming a DBA, and no given road can be guaranteed to either lead to becomming a DBA or not. If you decide that you want to become a DBA, and are willing to pursue that desire with some vigor, you'll almost certainly become a DBA. Depending on your point of view, that might or might not be a good thing!

    Most of the folks here at DBForums would be called DBAs by most of the world. We differ greatly on what we call ourselves, and routinely call each other all manor of things (in good fun).

    There are many places in Georgia that have great training programs. My guess is that you don't really need them unless you want to specialize in a very specific, high tech area. I can speak highly of Georgia Tech if that is what you want.

    In theory, theory and practice are identical. In practice, theory and practice are unrelated.

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