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    Cool DBA Project Lead in Columbia SC 12 months

    Position: Database Administrator - Project Lead
    Location: Columbia , SC
    Duration: 12 months
    Client -- Budget & Control Board

    Job Description:
    · Manages and maintains all production and non-production databases.
    · Responsible for standards and design of physical data storage, maintenance, access and security administration.
    · Performs backup and recovery on Database Management Systems, configures database parameters, and prototype designs against logical data models, defines data repository requirements, data dictionaries and warehousing requirements.
    · This position optimizes database access and allocates/re-allocates database resources for optimum configuration, database performance and cost.

    Working under the direction of the Distributed and Mainframe Services section within the Division of State Information Technology, candidate will provide technical support and consultation services for the management of with support and maintenance of ADABAS databases running in both IBM mainframe z/OS and HP-UX 11 environments.
    This position requires extensive knowledge of database systems and Software AG products that include, but are not limited to, ADABAS, Natural, Broker, Predict, Entire System Server, Adabas SQL gateway and Natural Security.
    The DBA will assist with the maintenance, performance, tuning, disaster recovery, security and upgrade of ADABAS as well as other Software AG products.
    Specific Duties and Responsibilities
    · Work with system support teams to define and architect upgrade paths
    · Work with system support teams to support and upgrade products
    · Maintain detailed documentation of all recommendations and procedures

    Time-frame: Position to begin effective on or about September 1, 2010; for approximately 12 months.
    Position will be based at the Division of State Information Technology, 4430 Broad River Road, in Columbia, South Carolina. Computer network access, phone, and access to printers, copiers, and fax will be provided. Meetings may be held at remote offices DSIT’s Customers in the Columbia area.

    Skills and Abilities that the DBA should possess include:
    Extensive knowledge of the support and implementation of Software AG products in both HP-UX and IBM z/OS environments required.
    Ability to monitor and tune databases to gain operating efficiency and to insure availability
    Ability to assist with all aspects of multiple databases including physical descriptions, standards and security
    Ability to provide assistance to database administrators of other state agencies utilizing the shared environment provided by DSIT
    Ability to assist with the development of data standards and the design of security and authorization procedures
    Ability to provide assistance in application program and database design and assist with application performance and tuning efforts
    Ability to assist with problem resolution and troubleshooting, providing resolutions and contacting vendor technical support as needed
    Ability to assist with backup and recovery of databases and related products
    Ability to perform other related duties as required
    Experience in the development of project documentation (functional specifications, technical specifications, test plans, etc.)
    Excellent written/verbal communication and presentation skills (with all levels of the organization) and a very good command of the English language
    Ability to work with diverse groups and work within the team environment
    Ability to communicate complex ideas and subjects accurately, clearly and concisely
    Ability to transfer knowledge to developers and functional teams
    Proven organizational and interpersonal skills; ability to build and maintain partnerships within different business units
    Demonstrated ability to meet deadlines, complete important time sensitive tasks, adapt quickly to last minute changes and manage multiple projects
    ¨ Access to DSIT management and staff, both within the technical and functional teams.

    Contractor acknowledges that all work products created under this engagement are the property of the State and may not be reproduced or used for purposes other than the work of this engagement without express written permission of the State.
    Contractor acknowledges that all data that may be encountered in the course of this engagement is the sole property of the State of South Carolina. Contractor will not use this data for any purpose other than the work of this engagement, or share the data with any third party, without the express written permission of the State. Contractor will return or destroy any State data in his/her possession when the engagement is terminated.
    Contractor acknowledges that much State data is highly confidential in nature, and that confidentiality is protected by force of law. Contractor agrees to comply with all State laws regarding the confidentiality of such data, including liability for penalties for unauthorized disclosure of such data whether deliberate or accidental.

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