Am in the process of developing a new system and think I need the abilty for cross server replication.

Currently the test data I have setup is getting quite large, and has many items that I cannot easily remove without costing me alot of time replacing (days if not weeks).

Question 1 : the current system has Int PK's for most tables where applicable I want to change these to UNiqueID's is there an easy way to do this - other than removing the PK creating a new one and running update statements.

Question 2 : the application logic has the Id's as integer, was told that the unqiueids are infact integers displayed as string's if I assign the current classes ID's as integer will this work or will I have to change this all to be string. if so would parameters to the SPROCS be @ItemID UnqiueID? or VARHCAR() ????