I'm very new to Informix IDS (we're running 11.50FC3 on AIX boxes). Had a problem this morning with one of the 15 Informix instances we run on our prod server. Below is an extract from the message log. This instance had been up and running for 120 days, and I had been checking the dbspaces and buffers via the web OpenAdmin Tool application when the error occurred. Does any one able to offer an idea as to why this error happened, and what I can do to prevent it happening again???

Thanks in advanced!

09:35:52 stack trace for pid 692658 written to /dbdump/af.a8528fe8
09:35:52 Assert Failed: No Exception Handler
09:35:52 IBM Informix Dynamic Server Version 11.50.FC3
09:35:52 Who: Session(237517, informix@::ffff:, 3292, 700000045b980c8)
Thread(7840874, sqlexec, 700000034f12bb8, 5)
File: mtex.c Line: 481
09:35:52 Results: Exception Caught. Type: MT_EX_OS, Context: ill
09:35:52 Action: Please notify IBM Informix Technical Support.
09:35:52 See Also: /dbdump/af.a8528fe8, shmem.a8528fe8.0
09:38:44 Checkpoint Completed: duration was 0 seconds.
09:38:44 Sat Aug 21 - loguniq 238289, logpos 0x100d018, timestamp: 0x674e8be0 Interval: 129284

09:38:44 Maximum server connections 201
09:38:44 Checkpoint Statistics - Avg. Txn Block Time 0.000, # Txns blocked 0, Plog used 1539, Llog used 2259

09:38:46 mtex.c, line 481, thread 7840874, proc id 692658, No Exception Handler.
09:38:46 Fatal error in ADM VP at mt.c:13418
09:38:46 Unexpected virtual processor termination, pid = 692658, exit = 0x100

09:38:46 PANIC: Attempting to bring system down
09:55:11 IBM Informix Dynamic Server Started.
09:55:11 WARNING: If you intend to use J/Foundation or GLS for Unicode feature(GLU) with this Server instance, please make sure that your SHMBASE value specifies in onconfig is 0x700000010000000 or above. Otherwise you will have problems while attaching or dynamimically adding virtual shared memory segments. Please refer to Server machine notes for more information.

09:55:12 Segment locked: addr=700000000000000, size=595034112
09:55:14 Segment locked: addr=700000030000000, size=1300234240
09:55:15 VP pid=774192 priority fixed at 60, former = 90