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    Unanswered: Orkut like privileged profile management

    Orkut has a privileged profile management, where user can manage what to allow and to whom. What should be the database design to achieve this result.

    Elaborated :

    Say I have given permission to view my -
    1. DOB only to my friends.
    2. My email only to me.
    3. My college name to all.

    If I use the following table for profile details I cannot manage the privilege.

    user(id, username, password)
    profile(id, user_id, dob, email, college, ... )
    N.B. - user_id (FK from user)
    id - PK
    On the other hand,

    user(id, username, password)
    privileges(id,name) [ 1-Me, 2-Friends, 3-Friends of friends, 4-All ]
    details(id,name) [1-email, 2-dob, 3-college, 4-gender etc.]
    N.B. - user_id (FK from user)
    detail_id(FK from details)
    privilege_id(FK from privileges)
    id - PK

    The second case solves the previous problem, but brings a weaker programming dependency on data entry for the details table. Also this method will bring problem to search data on a specific field.

    Please anyone help me design a perfect database on this regard.
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