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    Unanswered: Returning all rows that fall with in this week no matter what day it's run?

    I have a simple project w/ a simple database:

    Activities --
    ID -- AutoNumber
    CategoryID -- Number
    CurrDate -- Text
    TicketNum -- Text
    Duration -- Number
    UserName -- Text -- not being used right now
    Notes -- Memo

    Categories --
    ID -- AutoNumber
    CategoryName -- Text

    I would like to query all entries that have happend between Mon and Fri of the current week regardless of when the query is executed. I would like to use the CurrDate field for this.

    Is there a function that I can use to simplify this? Say, Where CurrDate IN (DateTime.Week)

    Here is the query I'm using so far:

    SELECT Categories.CategoryName, Activity.CurrDate, Activity.TicketNum, Activity.Durration, Activity.Notes
    FROM Activity INNER JOIN Categories ON Activity.CategoryID=Categories.ID
    ORDER BY Categories.ID, Activity.CurrDate;

    Thanks in advance for you help.


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    so you need to know the start and end of this week and then use those values in a between sub clause.

    eg select my column list where eventdate between (#startofweek# and #endofweek#)
    JET believes in dates which comply with the US style mm/dd/yyyy and IIRC can also handle ISO date style yyyy/mm/dd. the # symbol indictaes the following data is to be converted/stored as a date.

    to find the start of the week you need to use some of the date functions such as dayofweek and dateadd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbedson View Post
    CurrDate -- Text
    i'm not sure you're going to be successful until you change this into a DATE/TIME column | @rudydotca
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    Try this:

    SELECT Categories.CategoryName, Activity.CurrDate, Activity.TicketNum, Activity.Duration, Activity.Notes
    FROM Activity INNER JOIN Categories ON Activity.CategoryID = Categories.ID
    WHERE (((Activity.CurrDate)>=Date()-Weekday(Date(),2)+1 And (Activity.CurrDate)<=Date()+7-Weekday(Date(),2)-2))
    ORDER BY Categories.ID, Activity.CurrDate;
    but as r937 said, you need to change CurrDate type to DATE/TIME

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