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    Question Unanswered: db2 instance creation-urgent

    I have installed db2 V9.1 wse on AIX 6.1. I didn't created the default instace at the time of installation.
    Now, I am trying to manually create the instance. Problem is:
    1. logged in with root ID
    2. Executed the command-
    db2icrt -a server -s wse -u db2fenc1 -p 50000 db2int
    It got created in /home/db2int but I want to get it in /db2int. How do i do it?

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    Thank you friendz....I took the help of unix administrator. He changed the home path for db2int in /etc/passwd; just lack of knowledge on unix administration

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    You'll probably need to update the global registry to reflect the new location of the instance user's sqllib dir:

    /opt/IBM/db2/V9.1/bin/db2greg -dump

    Displaying and altering the Global Registry (UNIX) using db2greg

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