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    Unanswered: Best way to create new row with FK dependency

    Please pardon yet another noobie question. I have a standard many to many relationship set up in my SQL server-hosted database. The relationship is implemented with three tables, A, B, and AB, where AB only has three columns, a PK, and two FKs pointing to A and B.

    For now I have chosen to use Access as my front end since it is widely deployed in our company.

    I have designed a Form to fill in information for table A. As part of that form, I would like to have a dataview subform that allows me to add new rows to table B (and link them to the current A row using AB, of course).

    What is the best way to implement this?
    1. Can it be done simply by properly setting up relationships/constraints/cascades on the SQL server side and/or Access?
    2. Should I do it with some sort of server trigger?
    3. Or is it best to do it with Access VBA code?
    4. Or perhaps another method I haven't thought of yet?

    I appreciate any inputs from the community!

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    My first reaction would be that the solution would depend on how long the "for now" will exist (forever is not that uncommon) and what meaning table B has in your application. Personally I'm not inclined to use triggers except for journals or audit-tables and such, I'd go for code, possibly in a procedure to make a migration easier?

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    I don't regularly use Microsoft Access, but I'm pretty sure that there is a "Parent-Child DataView" that does exactly what you've requested.

    I'm moving this discussion to the Microsoft Access Forum to get you some better suggestions from the MS-Access perspective.

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    I'm guessing "for now" likely will be a few years due to lack of resources to implement anything other than Access

    Table B has multiple meanings - since I have a similar setup in a various places within the design.

    Based on both responses I've gotten, it appears I need some sort of code (whether stored procedure, Access VBA, or an Access "smart" view). This cannot simply be done via the FK cascades, is that correct?

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