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    Unanswered: how postgres recognize a record uniquely internally

    Hi all.
    I am using postgres 8.4.
    In Oracle each record in a table is recognize by the 'row_id'. Which is maintained by Oracle itself. By the row_id Oracle recognize a record in a table distinctly. Likewise in Postgres, how Postgres recognize a record distinctly. Is it maintaining a 'row_id' like Oracle.

    Please tell me the concepts about it.


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    First: in Oracle it's called ROWID (not row_id)
    The equivalent in Postgres is ctid

    More information is in the manual

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    You'd shouldn't need ctid very often, use the pk when ever possible. In older versions of Oracle the rowid was the fastest way to the record and was used a lot. But its recommended to use PK on Oracle now too.

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