Hello Everyone,

I am not sure if this question had been asked (and answered) but I need your help.

I have been researching this forum to find a solution in posting figures that are in a monthly date range vs year-to-date range.

To make it clearer:

I am creating an expense report in which I am using three subreports. They are linked to the main report using Subreport Link by the Business Code (Dept).

My issue is that in the subreports, I have columns created specifically in showing monthly figures based on the date (month/year) picked and keep the YTD figures as is.

I thought that maybe I create a formula to capture the #s for the monthly date range and also to share the values of the Start and End Dates throughout the other subreports, here is a sample:

Shared DateVar Enter_Date;
Shared DateVar End_Date;
Shared CurrencyVar Month_Actual;
Enter_Date:= Date({@Month_Date});
End_Date:= Date({@Month_EndDate});
//Month Formula
if {ActualVsPlan.Expense_Date}>= Enter_Date and {ActualVsPlan.Expense_Date}<=End_Date

The problem that I am having is that data (and its totals) are the same as the YTD 's totals.

Please let me know what I am doing wrong.

If you need more information, please let me know.

Thank you.