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    New freeware MySQL client: need help on testing

    Hello. I have written the new administration tool for MySQL and now I need help on testing it. It allows to perform most functions that are allowed by such MySQL clients as HeidiSQL, MySQL Front and phpMyAdmin.

    You can download it from the following link:

    This program is a freeware Java application and it requires Java Runtime Environment to be installed on client's computer. But this inconvenience allows to start client on different operating systems.

    Also there are a special portable Windows version for those who don't want to install Java. This version already contain all necessary files to start the program on Windows.

    Currently J-Admin allows to perform all basic operation with MySQL databases:

    * Show server information and statistics
    * Create, edit, rename and drop database objects depending on version of MySQL server : databases, tables, views, fields, indexes, triggers, events, stored functions and procedures
    * Insert, replace records. Delete records using table kyes or arbitrary WHERE clause
    * Copy databases and tables with different options, make dump of database by exporting it to SQL-scrip file
    * Export tables to files in next formats: CSV, XLS, HTML, Text, SQL.
    * Import data into tables from next file formats: CSV, XLS, Text
    * When exporting data user can choose by what sequence of symbols end of lines and tabulators will be replaced. So tables which fields contain multiline text values can be exported to CSV or TEXT and then imported back without data loss.
    * Execute SQL queries and SQL script files
    * Manage MySQL users and privileges on global level, databases, tables and separate fields
    * Search in a table by using inner algorithm or LIKE operator
    * Search globally in a database by using LIKE operator
    * Select GUI style and change color theme, change application font size
    * Show used SQL statements and put log of them into file
    * Support of localization. Now there are English language (by default) and Russian (localization files are located in "/files/languages" subdirectory of program directory). Other languages can be added by copying and modifying file "russian.lng"

    In future more feature will be added. But now its seems more necessary to test existing functions and usability of the program. By this time I tested it only on Windows OS. And with MySQL servers 4.1.7, 5.0.45, 5.5.5 with simple databases. I will be grateful if you'll help me to test it on other configurations of client and server computers.
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    software looks cool. I'm going to try it out.

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