Hi my name is justin (jaegermonster). I've encountered a problem with a database created by someone other than me so it's giving me trouble, probably simple but i'm new to the whole database thing but very computer and electronic inclined.
Anyway i am looking at a system in a convenience store and the registers are all tied the computer(xp pro). well when trying to sync the registers at the end of the day to the pc i get this error.
ABORTING synchronization - ESM database is TOO LARGE: 1800.629MB
The ESM database is set to maximum 1750MB which i am sure is full after the last clensing about 3 months ago. what i'm wondering is how to clean it or clear it up because there is no other option higher than the 1750MB maximum, it only goes lower. any help would be appreciated and if you need any other info on the system or what not just ask so i can get help with this issue.

thank you,