Hi everyone,

This thread isn't isolated to only MySQL, but I thought I might as well raise it here as I am using MySQL for this issue.
I am finding internationalization and timezone settings quite a tricky thing to overcome with application development.

Consider this...
I KNOW MySQL stores timestamps as UTC/GMT. But when it retrieves it, it converts it depending on the locale of the queryer (correct?)

1) What if I want to create an INSERT SQL statement for my database but I want treat the DB as though it is located at GMT. How do I format my timestamp to store the data as GMT format?
2) I am located at GMT+10, and I am finding that my epoch on Java time is '1970-01-01 10:00:00', which is what I seem to HAVE to insert into my database in order to store epoch time
3) But if I were to transfer my entire application, with the SQL script etc off to a friend over in the UK, they will get a time that is 10 hours ahead of epoch when I actually wanted them to get the epoch itself.

Anyone know how I can resolve this?