hi, im new to sql and am trying to set up a MySQL cluster accross multiple servers. by following the quick start guide of the MySQL website, i was able to create a cluster on one machine. but now that im trying to do it on multiple machines (using the mysql-cluster-excerpt-5.1 guide) im having a few difficulties.

I have set up the management node, but when i start the data nodes they return the message:
info --Angel connected to 'management nodes ip address:1186'
info --Angel allocated nodeid: 2"
error --couldn't start as daemon, error: 'failed to open llogfile 'c:\\mysql\\bin\\cluster-data\ndb_2_out.log' for write, errno: 2'

the guide says that it should say:
info -- configuration fetched from 'localhost:1186', generation1

can anybody please tell me what im doing wrong

thanks in advance