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    Unanswered: DB2 FailOver - Switch Over

    Hi All,

    Our product makes use of DB2 database for auditing, we want to configure failover for main audit DB in case of a disaster.

    Can DB2 experts help me to choose a best way to achieve this? is it possible to set replication between main Audit db and a slave DB and switch to slave in case of a disaster ? if it is possible can you please provide me the links which explain this strategy?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Unless you need to access the slave database at the same time as the master, replication would not be the best approach for you. A standby database using HADR will be sufficient. Search the manual for HADR.

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    Thanks for replying, can you please let me know whther the switch over occurs automatically in case of a crash such that client have not to be worried about availability of a server?

    Please explain.

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    the automatical failover can be achived by TSA, which is integrated with db2 v95 and v97. That's also part of DB2 HA feature.

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