Hi all, Im new to the dbforums (obviously) but within the past 4 months or so have fallen in love with all types of database sorts in my field.

Im Currently finishing my last semester of my UG degree at University of Kentucky for my B.S. in Computer Science. I originally was studying A.I. programming but I've taken an intro course in Databases and have been spending alot of time reading up on them.

Unfortunatly I haven't had the ability to actually learn in the field with them as Im currently working for a Professor under a research job testing new algorithms (mainly A.I. related)

So a few questions if thats ok:

1.How is the Job Market lookign for DBA's? good/bad? Also what system do we see more jobs in? MS SQL Server or Oracle or Mysql (of the common 3, I know of postgre sql, but im not sure how common it is)

2.I really want to learn more and get my certifications, in my spare time I read alot of books regarding different programming languages, and I usually can pick things up pretty easy from books, plus i've had some experience with SQL before.
Anyways......what Certifications should I go for? I know of:
Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate
-seems like a good starting choice if I wanted to do Oracle

There is also:
MCTS: SQL Server 2008, Implementation and Maintenance
MCTS: SQL Server 2008, Database Development

Altho Im not sure of the difference between the two.

As well the as Mysql Associates Certification?....Which would be the best?

Thanks for your help all!