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    Cool Unanswered: How much Different is Oracle Syntax

    Hi Im new to the forums, anyways I've had little experience with SQL in general (mainly a class+research on my own) But I am looking to really dive deep into it, I have 6 years programming experience but I really want to Get my Certification in at least one of the major SQL branches.

    Anyways, im most familiar with Mysql, I know a decent amount. But how much different is Oracle syntax (or statements) compared to the other 2 (MySql, MS SQL 2008)
    And how hard is it to pick up when comparing the three. I also realize I am a newb so my terminology might be off, but I plan on spending a good 5 months learning from books/and researching on my own from now to really get a good grip on things before I take the certification exams. Since alot of Jobs around here REALLY look positively at these certifications.


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    To a large degree SQL is SQL because it is defined by ISO,
    but each vendor does certain things differently.

    If you can & will actually Read The Fine Manual (Search and Download Oracle Database, Application Server, and Collaboration Suite Documentation)
    then you can learn any vendor's implementation.
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    Hi there,

    From one language to another, as a developer I don't think that should ever matter. You should be dynamic enough to pick up whatever language it is you need to use to get the job done.

    On the point of Oracle, it's not the SQL that makes it different, it's the Concurrency and multi-versioning that sets Oracle apart from the other databases.
    Read the following by Tom Kyte: Ask Tom "Comparison between Oracle and Others"

    and also this from Oracle documentation: 13 Data Concurrency and Consistency

    Oracles implementation puts it in a different league.
    Aside, Oracle development pays more too

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