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    Unanswered: MSSQL Database Security issue

    Hi Everyone,

    i have a MSSQL database server 2008, which is used and can be connected by my software developers for the development process. They all are using 'sa' account.
    but i want to make one database where i can put my confidential info, and i want that database to be inaccessible to my developers.

    how can i achieve that? Please describe me in steps so that i can follow easily.

    Thank you Very much

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    Don't let them use the sa account!

    • Create new SQL login for them to use
    • Add them as windows authenticated users
    • Add them to an AD group and grant the AD group access
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    NEVER give away sysadmin rights on a server. Neither should an application user have sysadmin rights, or an application run as sysadmin. These are horribly bad security practices

    Developers at most should only have db_owner rights on the database(s) they are developing in.

    If you are in a windows domain, use the following steps (elaborated from above)

    1) In SQL Server Management Studio, create a new windows authenticated login on SQL Server from their Windows Login.
    2) Under User Mappings, select the database they need to work in, and the db_owner role.

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