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    Unanswered: SendObject with email list

    I have a report that I send to various clients that I send as a spreadsheet. The query that it is based on filters the results by a combo box called CompanyName. I would like to have send object funtion send to the emails that are linked to the company that has been selected.
    Is it possible to do.
    I would also like the subject line to include todays date and the company name that was selected

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    It should be possible to do.

    To be able to give you any guidance we will need more details about the table(s) where the email addresses are stored.
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    Try Total Access Emailer

    I use Total Access Emailer from FMS to do this. It's a Microsoft Access add-in that lets you take a table with a list of email addresses (and other fields) and use those fields in your message.

    You can also attach files (such as as a spreadsheet from a table/query or PDF for a report). The best part is you can filter the table, query, or report by a field (or fields) in the table with the list of emails. For instance, I have a Customer ID that I can use to filter the report to just that customer's pages.

    Once you set up your email, you can run it over and over again using your current data, and it can update a field when the email is sent. You can also run it from VBA.

    More info and a demo here: Microsoft Access Email sent from your Access Databases with Merged Data and Reports in PDF and HTML

    Hope this helps.

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