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    Unanswered: Force users and application

    DB2 - DB2/Unix v9.5.0.1, 's080328', 'U814639', and Fix Pack '1'. 64bit
    OS - Aix

    When i want to force users and applications off the database what i do is:

    force application all

    but when i use the "list applications"

    I see users/applications still connected

    And i repeat "force application all" more number of times

    and finally when i see no output on "list applications"
    i restart the instance db2stop/db2start (but for this i have to really wait until all users/applications are disconnected which actually takes longer time)

    Is this normal procedure to force users/application - ie., repeating number of times?

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    The database has to rollback the transaction to bring the database in a consistent state. Depending on the transaction this can take some time. Also it's possible that there are new connections/application after your last force command.

    If you want restart the database, i'ld suggest "db2stop force". This forces all the application and stops the database. Or you could quiesce the instance/database if you want to keep out users.


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    It depends on the application, but a lot of application servers will automatically reconnect, which makes it harder to get rid of them with just one force command.

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    As marcus said there is possibility that you application is using connection pooling in this case application will automatically reconnect.
    I have faced similer issue. then i used db2stop force to stop the database.
    Ritesh Kumar Singh
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