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    Unanswered: MySQL Question on Migration

    Hello everyone,

    Figured that this would be the best place to explain my situation with a server I recently aquired from a client...

    This is the situation:

    A former employee (webmaster) of the company is suspected of locking out the root user of the dedicated server and takes it down completely. Meanwhile, his breach included distroying the kernel of the OS and nothing else. I have all of the SQL databases that run their joomla CMS system on their website.

    Not knowing what the root password for the previous machine, am I able to transfer the files to a new dedicated server and expect them to work after slaving the drive and completing the transfer to a new server? If I understand as much as I do about SQL, wouldn't I have to manipulate the exact configuration of the server previously, including that of the user profiles and passwords associated with them for SQL to work?

    What if I do not know these credentials or configuration? There is no backup configuration of the drive, just the drive itself with all data that has not been harmed.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your feedback..


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    I don't know enough to sort your problem but I can start the ball rolling.
    What OS are we talking about?
    Have you tried using MySQL Administrator from MySQL to change passwords?
    You know that you can replace the MySQL root password if you don't know it. Google it

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