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    Unanswered: After upgrading to 2007 my Forms are very slow

    Here's the situation. I have split a db into a BE/FE because we have remote users. The database works fine for local users (Each user has his/her own FE) for offsite users (Not more than 30 miles away) the performance is lethargic at best. Not matter the number of users, the speed doesn't change. The db opens and closes fine, generates 30 page reports in 20-30 sec (currently this is acceptable). But I've got two forms that have 2 subforms each. The total records for these forms is <300. The form opens quickly, but paging through the records is painfully slow. One for has a query for it's record source and one a table, both perform the same. This db worked perfectly in Access 2003, two weeks ago we upgraded, so it's been about two weeks of hair pulling with only slightly better results. I've officially ran out of ideas. I've read quite a bit here: Microsoft Access Performance - Forms and actually the persistent connection did help opening / closing / running reports, but nothing has helped the lag of paging through these two forms. Thanks for the help

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    I assume by "off-site users" you're speaking of a WAN. Albert Kallal has a paper on the subject here:

    MS Access on a WAN?

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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