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    Unanswered: Odbc sdk 2.70 / sdk 2.90


    we are using Informix Client-SDK 2.70...
    There's a big statement over 600 lines, in Informix client-sdk 2.70 we get an error or access violation in iclit09bW.dll.
    If i'am using Informix Client-SDK 2.90 it's all right, but we have no choise.
    There are some settings for ODBC with Client-SDK 2.70 to handle extreme big sql statements?


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    I never encountered this problem but this is something you may want to check. If you open setnet32 you'll find an environment variable called FET_BUFF_SIZE, click it to highlight it and put 32767 in the "Edit Environment Variable" box.

    Pretty sure I got this info from PeopleSoft Tech Support years ago, perhaps it may apply to your situation.

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