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    Unanswered: Import more than 50 MB of MYSQL database ???

    hi, I'm newbie here

    If anyone could help me to import my database with size 260 mb???



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    You do the same thing as if you were to import a database of 1 MB or 1 TB.

    You need to know what format your files are in.

    You need to know what schema your files have.

    You need to set up MySQL to have the right schema.

    You need permissions on MySQL to write data.

    You need to set up a script to read the files and write the data to MySQL, probably using mysqlimport.

    Now, which of those do you need help with?

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    are you talking about the limitations imposed by your hosting company?

    In that case many hosts allow you to upload your sql file to your website, and they'll import it via command line for you.

    Otherwise you can split it in parts smaller than the maximum file size allowed by your host. To do this simply open your file with an editor that can handle large files ( programmers notepad, intype etc), and consecutive save parts of that file into separate files and import them via phpmyadmin.

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